The Rafateers - a bit more about us ...

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The Rafateers - a bit more about us ...

Post by Wooffie on Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:38 am

This is a forum for fans, admirers and appreciators of the Spanish tennis player, Rafael Nadal. The rest of the Armada, players and tennis in general are also discussed, but primarily we are here to support, cheer, commiserate and champion all that is Rafa as we ride that rollercoaster through his tennis career. But most of all ... we are here to have FUN!

This is a members' only forum, and if you've been a previous follower, please note that "Guest" access is now closed and the content of this site is no longer open for public viewing. We administer this forum for active posters only, so if you wish to join and post in the style that we've become accumstomed ... then welcome aboard. Registering here at is easy, following which, our Admin. will activate your account, and then send you an email to tell you this has been done ... and away you go!!

Come along to the topic Introduce Yourself! as an ice breaker, and take it from there. Note that most of all, we are here to enjoy ourselves, but accounts will only continue to be administered if you join in and post. Its easy! as there is so much to champion about the very special player that is Rafael Nadal ... so vamos


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